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Intelligent Communications


Beartas has developed our own insights platform called Rian. The platform allows our clients to track and manage their media across print, broadcast, podcast and social. 

Our platform gives clients multi-functional digital media insights. The platform allows you to:

  • Connect daily with 200,000 journalists and social media influencers

  • Monitor alerts from over 8,000 websites and media outlets

  • Send press releases directly to national and local newsrooms

  • Book broadcast interviews

Our platform gives you the metrics that matter:

Evaluation Data 

Our reports allow you to judge the success of your campaigns and understand your real reach

Competitor Analysis

Understand how you are doing against your competitors and ensure your strategy is flexible enough to maximise the opportunities to react

Track the subjects that matter to you

Set up bespoke alerts from over 1 million data sources so your brand or topics of interest to you, are constantly monitored. 

Interactive Reports

We present you with branded reports for funders, donors, Board meetings and senior management meetings that highlight the KPIs that are important to you.

That is not all….

Rian also gives you fully customised and tailored reports and briefings that track your competitors, industry trends and market opportunities.

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